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For more than 40 years, Cemar Electro Inc. has been a world leader and innovator in laser technology. From humble beginnings with the development of the linear lens, we have continued to grow, revolutionizing the laser line generator market. We offer never-before-seen line quality and integrity, which has opened the door to a multitude of possibilities and have become a global force in laser line technology. We also offer many other unique laser products for a wide range of applications to suit individual needs.

What Our Clients Have To Say

  • We manufacture pellets and cut most of our own stock lumber. We use a CL810 laser light to guide the saw. About 3 years ago in the early morning on Easter Sunday, we were unfortunate enough to have a tornado drop in on us. It ripped the roof off the mill hurdling it 100 yards out into the field. The laser light which was mounted in the rafters withstood not only the impact but also the heavy rain. We retrieved the laser and to our surprise, it still worked perfectly. That is why we only use laser lights by Cemar Electro, because from our experience, they really do hold up better than all the rest.

    Woodward Pallet & Lumber Inc., Neosho, MO
  • Tout fonctionne très bien. Merci pour le bon service.

    Jim Tanant, Maxwell Lumber Co., Bullard, TX
  • Thanks for all your help! The 30mw was the perfect laser. Good Job!

    Jerry Richards, Mark Twain Forest Products, Centerville, MO
  • Scotchman has tested your laser with great success. I will be sending the sample back to your attention tomorrow. A purchase order will be forthcoming to order 3 production models.

    John F. Hart, TCB Scotchman Industries Inc.
  • Again THANKS for the excellent service. Finally, after a year and a half, I had the nerve to get into my saw’s electric and now have my lasers hooked up so when I turn the saw on, the lasers both come on. Thanks again for a great product and super service.

    Bob Hassel, Granite Conversions Inc.
  • Dear friends, We want to sincerely thank you for your excellent services! You let us use the ‘loaner’. Better yet, you even fitted the original laser voltage converter with a socket. That will greatly simplify the future disconnecting for repairs.

    Joseph B. Yoder, Niverton Sawmill, Salibury, PA
  • I sure am liking the laser light. I don’t know how I could do without it now! It was very nice of you to send me the light so that I could try it before I had to advance any money. The extra time you gave me was also appreciated. If I have the opportunity I sure will recommend the light and the company. Thanks again.

    Herman A. Tinsley
  • Thanks! We’ve got it set up and it is great on our re-saw.

    Kerry Shackelford, Museum Resources, Williamsburg, VA
  • I am writing you this letter in reference to the CL-820 7.5° lens. We were unaware of the fact that you have loaner parts and greatly appreciated the generosity that you and your staff have given to us here at the Maier Lumber Company. Once again I would like to thank you.

    The Maier Lumber Company, Bangor, PA
  • I am taking this opportunity to tell you how happy we are with our new CL 606 series Cemarline lasers. We have been using your red diode lasers (CL 505 series) throughout our Radiotherapy department for over 15 years, and were so impressed with their stability and ease of adjustment that we specified Cemar lasers when we purchased four new Varian accelerators in 2000. We decided to upgrade one of our treatment rooms with green lasers to better facilitate precise patient positioning for Stereotactic Radiosurgery treatments. In March 2007, we installed three CL 606 green lasers and we then performed a thorough adjustment procedure which positioned all of the crosshairs at the machine’s iso-center. The green laser was substantially brighter than the red one and the line width of 0.5 mm or less at a distance of approximately 3 meters was perfect for our application. We have found that the mechanical stability of the laser positioning system is without question, as we have not had to readjust the lasers once since installation. They are checked on a bi-monthly basis or as needed but we have found no drift at all. I would like to congratulate you on a well designed and easy to use product.

    Electronics Technician, Medical Physics Department, Montreal General Hospital, MUHC

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