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Industrial Laser Solutions

Cemar Electro Inc. has been a leader and an innovator in the laser technology industry for more than 30 years. We provide lasers for multiple applications in wood, stone and metal processing and develop custom lasers according to our customer’s needs. Several mounting options are available for each laser to suit your needs.

We provide the following systems

CL-720 Portable Band Saw Laser

CL-720 Portable Band Saw Laser

CL-830 Laser for Stone Processing - Cemar Electro

CL-800 Series Red Lasers


GL-800 Series Green Lasers

CL-800 Series Laser in Extre Environment - Cemar Electro

CL-800 Extreme Environment Enclosure


EC-805 Laser, alias “The Pico”

Custom laser

Custom Laser Systems

Our industrial laser are available with several

Mounting options to suit your specific needs

Highest standard of manufacturing and quality control

Cemar’s Excellence Service

Cemar Electro strives to maintain the highest standard of manufacturing and quality control. We back our products with the best warranty in the industry; 2 years parts and labor on both new lasers and repairs with a 48 hour turnaround to minimize your down time.

Cemar Electro has a loaner available for critical situations; just contact our customer service department for details.

If your warranty has expired and your laser requires service we will provide you with a free written estimate within 24 hours of reception and repair the unit within 24 hours of your approval.