Our universal remote control for all MAXX-700 & MAXX-1100 units


The MAXX-RC Pro remote control is our universal remote control which is able to operate all MAXX-700 & MAXX-1100 units. The MAXX remote control is user friendly and operates with UART via Zigbee. The remote control also has a tremendously long battery capacity which exceeds 24 hours to validate that our users are always able to perform their daily operations.
According to the safety and the security of the hospitals and clinics, the MAXX remote control has three user levels which are the operator, technician, and admin. Operators can do general operations such as move the lasers, change the laser power levels, power on the lasers, navigate specific areas of the software, etc. Technicians are able to do more advanced operations such as changing the system configuration of the remote control. An admin is able to change the settings of the most critical features such as configuring the network or calibrating a MAXX-1100 unit.


  • Universal remote control which is able to operate both MAXX-700 & MAXX-1100 laser patient positioning systems.
  • Extended battery life which exceeds 24 hours to validate daily operations are completed in a timely manner.
  • Easy to handle and user friendly.
  • Communicates with UART via Zigbee to validate no interference with other medical systems.
  • We provide a charger as well as an optional charger base for an additional cost.