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Band Saw Laser

The CL-720 is a 15mW red laser specially configured for portable band saws which are operating under cover or indoors. The Bandsaw laser configuration is also available in a higher powered 30mW red (CL 830) and the even stronger 15mW green (GL 815). Using Powershift™, a technique to deliver a more uniform line from angle-mounted lasers, this laser is great for shaded outdoor use. Functioning with the 12V DC power from the saw eliminates the need to have a 110 power source. However, for more permanent installations, a 110V AC package is available.

Power Consumption: 1 Watt max.
Operating Temperature: -10°~40°C 14°~100°F

*Call us for additional power options to suit your needs.


UL, CE and CAS Approval
Caution: Class II Laser Product

Non uniform line intensity

Other Lasers use cylindrical optics and a fan lens to spread the light. This creates a line that is bright in the middle but faded at the tips:

When angle mounted lasers use a fan lens to spread the light over the length of the line it loses intensity and fades out as it extends outward.

Cemarline Powershift™

With Cemar Electro’s patented linear lens, the projected light is distributed equally over the entire length of the line:

With Cemarline Powershift™ the laser power is shifted slightly to the far end of the line delivering a clear balanced line from beginning to end.

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