Setting the standard for industrial green line lasers

GL 800 Series
(Green Laser) 532nm

Green line lasers are used in areas with above average lighting, or for projecting a line on darker, polished surfaces. Our GL 800 series sets the standard for industrial green line lasers. The most common applications are on head saws for sawmills and stone cutting. It is also perfect for press brakes and metal shears. Now available in 30 & 50mW, it is the strongest line lasers on the market.

Specifications for GL-800 Series Laser

Optical Power Line Length Line Width/Dot Size Wavelength
GL 805 5mW 2m (7ft) 1mm @ 2m distance (0.04 inch @ 8ft) 532nm
GL 815 15mW 10m (32ft) 1mm @ 10m distance (0.04 inch @ 30ft) 532nm
GL 830 30mW 15m (49ft) 2mm @ 15m distance (0.08 inch @ 45ft) 532nm
GL 850 50mW 20m (65ft) 3mm @ 20m distance (0.16 inch @ 60ft) 532nm

Power Supply: 90~240VAC 9~35DC
DC Power Consumption: 1 Watt max.
Operating Temperature: 0°~40°C 32°~95°F

Cemarline Powershift™

Non uniform line intensity

Other Lasers use cylindrical optics and a fan lens to spread the light. This creates a line that is bright in the middle but faded at the tips:

When angle mounted lasers use a fan lens to spread the light over the length of the line it loses intensity and fades out as it extends outward.

Cemarline Powershift™

With Cemar Electro’s patented linear lens, the projected light is distributed equally over the entire length of the line:

With Cemarline Powershift™ the laser power is shifted slightly to the far end of the line delivering a clear balanced line from beginning to end.

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