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SK-800 Shift Kit for edgers - Cemar Electro

SK-800 Shift Kit for edgers

The SK-800 shift kit is designed for board edgers and can be configured to any blade set-up. All kits are custom built from aluminum track and are fully assembled. These kits quickly pay for themselves and offer years of trouble-free operation. You will process more valuable boards in less time and generate less waste. Click the image for a larger view.

Multiple Unit Linear Array - Cemar Electro

Multiple Unit Linear Array

Designed for multi-blade rip saws or grading stations, this track/stationary bracket kit can accommodate any number of lasers. The lateral position of the lasers can be adjusted with a simple turn of a thumb screw. Each power supply distribution unit is able to accommodate up to 8 lasers, making service easy and requiring only one plug-in.

CE-HPS-800 precision bracket - Cemar Electro
CE-HPS-800 precision bracket exploded view - Cemar Electro

CE-HPS-801 precision bracket

Originally designed for heavy duty applications requiring a more precise adjustment, this bracket is a bar mounted unit with an adjustable slot to fit a range of bar sizes. Built from a vibration-absorbing polymer, it can meet any precision application.

CE-305 bracket - Cemar Electro

CE-305 Bracket

The CE-305 is our standard bracket and is included with every laser. Built from a vibration-absorbing polymer it can stand up to the harshest environments. A simple one screw adjustment makes it the easiest bracket to manipulate. Set-up and installation are quick and simple.

Magnetic bracket

The magnetic mount can be attached to any ferromagnetic surface vertically or horizontally, and the laser can be adjusted along its “T” slot, quickly and safely solving the position of the laser. It has enough magnets to safely hold up to two different lasers.

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